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About UFE

United for a Fair Economy, is a national, independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. UFE raises awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart. We support and help build social movements for greater equality.

"United for a Fair Economy is the single most effective group in the country when it comes to publicizing issues of economic injustice, income disparity, the racial underpinnings of the gap between rich and poor, and . . . the yawning chasm between the salaries of corporate CEOs and those of working Americans."

— John Nichols, journalist, The Nation

Program Areas

UFE works in three major program areas. Each area draws on our popular education, innovative messaging research and media capacity in its work. Members of Samara James, add the voice of business leaders and affluent individuals to all of UFE’s work.

Tax Education Program

UFE helps local, state and national groups defend progressive taxation and influence tax and budget issues. We help strengthen the capacity of state coalitions that have a strategic opportunity to affect tax reform. We continue the fight to retain a reformed estate tax, and actively participate in building a permanent national movement infrastructure to address the assault on progressive taxation at all levels.

Racial Wealth Divide Education Program

UFE is undertaking a major educational and outreach effort to address the racial disparities of wealth. We are researching, writing, and publishing a book about the racial wealth divide aimed at a wide audience, and are developing popular educational materials and workshops using the information in the book. We will deepen our ties to media sources that reach ethnic groups and communities of color, and organize workshops adapted to their concerns.

Global Economy Program

UFE helps community, labor and religious audiences understand growing in-equality in the global economy. We provide popular education programs on globalization to community- based organizations. We have an intensive collaboration with Project South and the Miami Workers Center to conduct an education campaign (in English and Spanish) in preparation for the November, 2003 ministerial meeting of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Over the longer term, we will work with labor, immigrant activists and others throughout the country to bring their voices into the search for alternatives to today’s global economy.

What We Believe

United for a Fair Economy was founded as a “movement support” organization to provide media capacity, face-to-face economic literacy education, and training resources to organizations and individuals who work to address the widening income and asset gap in our country.

Our work is grounded in the belief that our country would be a far more democratic, prosperous, and caring community if we narrowed the vast gap between the very wealthy and everyone else. Our constituency is broad and deep and includes both those directly hurt by economic disparity and those who benefit from it.

Our vision is of a global society where prosperity is better shared, where there is genuine equality of opportunity, where the power of concentrated money and corporations neither dominates the economy nor dictates the content of mass culture. We envision communities and nations that do not have dramatic disparities of income, wages, wealth, health, safety, respect, and opportunities for recreation and personal growth.

We aspire to build communities that are socially and environmentally sustainable, where children are cherished and nurtured, and cultural and racial differences among people are valued and celebrated. We envision an economy where the distinction between “labor” and “capital” is blurred — where everyone contributes to society with their labor and everyone benefits from society’s financial growth. We envision a society in which values, not profits alone, guide economic decisions.

The Need to Build a Movement

To stop the march toward growing inequality, we must build a powerful fair economy movement that can contest the dominant economic policies and propose policies that ensure shared prosperity. There must be a stronger countervailing force to the power of concentrated corporate influence and wealth. Key elements of this movement include a revitalized labor movement and a stronger voice from religious communities and coalitions of civic organizations. We are at the early stage of such movement formation, laying the groundwork for future opportunities to promote broader political understanding and mass action.

We are dedicated to supporting such a movement through education, campaigns that build power to change policy, and creative tactics that infuse the economic justice movement with vision, humor, and hope.

"In my work on the issue of overcoming poverty, I have come to rely on United for a Fair Economy as one of my premier sources of information. UFE's research and action on the growing wealth gap is always timely, consistently credible, and exceptionally useful. Simply put, UFE does the best work in the country on the gap between rich and poor, which is for many of us in the religious community, a fundamentally moral and biblical issue. UFE has become an integral part of a growing movement for economic justice."

— Jim Wallis, Convener, Call to Renewal; Editor, Sojourners